Video Express adds LTO 6 & LTO 7 to its archiving solutions

Video Express has added yet another option for keeping your hard work safe and secure well into the future. In addition to having previously offered LTO 5, VE now offers LTO 6 and LTO 7 data recording and recovery using LTFS.

LTO strives to offer the lowest cost per terabyte for data and the longest life expectancy of any storage format:

With 6TB of uncompressed data or 15 TB of compressed data per tape LTO7 provides an inexpensive and highly portable solution.

Multiple manufacturers have tested and rated their LTO 7 cartridges life expectancy to be 30 years.
Why use LTFS? Not only is LTFS cross platform it’s a free open standard download to anyone with a LTO 5, 6 or 7 drive. LTFS works with your computer’s operating system allowing an LTO drive to appear and perform similar to any other hard drive.

LTO Cartridge Capacities

LTO7 – 6.0/15.0TB Uncompressed/Compressed Capacity

LTO6 – 2.5/6.25TB Uncompressed/Compressed Capacity

LTO5 – 1.5/3.0TB Uncompressed/Compressed Capacity

Other physical storage options Video Express has available: Hard Drives, USB drives, BluRay Discs, DVD Discs.

Call today and we will be happy to provide more details about how we can help secure your data.